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XR Studio

XR Services

BMP Studio offers clients transportation to extravagant and strange locales via our XR Studio. Capable of traversing time and space, our clients are limited only by their imagination.

The Future is Here:
What is XR?

Extended Reality, or XR, represents the next wave of immersive experiences. It’s a cutting-edge blend of augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and mixed reality (MR) technologies that create a digital environment where users can not only exist but also interact as if it were real life.

With BMP Studio’s XR services, we bring the virtual world to you and let you engage with it, like never before.

The Tech Behind the Magic

The magic of XR comes alive with the power of state-of-the-art technologies such as Unreal Engine 5, LED Volume Wall, and virtual environment engineering.

We create animated 3D worlds that are as vivid and dynamic as the real ones. These images are then broadcast in real-time on an LED screen, and as the camera moves, the imagery on the LED screen moves along with it, creating a seamless, 360-degree virtual environment.

Virtual Production Solutions

Our journey with XR doesn’t stop at creating virtual events. We’re harnessing our newly acquired expertise to redefine the realm of Virtual Production. See how BMP Studio can take your production to the next level.

How XR Can Transform Your Marketing Efforts

Interactive Product Demos:

Engage customers with hands-on virtual product experiences.

Immersive Ad Campaigns:

Capture attention with AR, VR, or MR ads.

Global Virtual Events:

Facilitate worldwide participation in trade shows or product launches.

XR Training:

Offer immersive, realistic training and education programs.

Unique Brand Experiences:

Develop memorable interactive brand narratives.

Engaging Data Visualizations:

Present complex data in easy-to-understand, interactive formats.

Enhanced Retail Experience:

Allow customers to “try before they buy” using AR.

Interactive Content Creation:

Craft XR-based games, quizzes, and stories for improved engagement.

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