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What is Virtual Production?

Witness BMP Studio's Virtual Production Capabilities with Unreal Engine

Getting Started with Virtual Production

Virtual Production can seem overwhelming because of the many components that need to work together correctly for it to be successful. By combining some of the best traditional and virtual film-making techniques, we are able to enter the next-generation of content creation. Our team brings you the power of real-time rendering, driven by Unreal Engine and other Digital Content Creation softwares. We use them to create 3D environments or utilize image/video plates to be displayed on our specially configured L.E.D. stage, recreating any environment, real or unreal. These, paired with infrared tracking technology, foreground props and set dressing, are all key parts of the Virtual Production experience. The typical length of the production pipeline also becomes shorter, as most of the visual effects work that would be added on in post-production can now be worked on and implemented in pre-production or “pre-viz”. 

Virtual Production at BMP Studio

At BMP Studio, we utilize the HTC Vive Tracking System, paired with the latest versions of Unreal Engine, and a small, but highly capable team behind the cameras and running the technology. Our stage, dubbed “WALL-E”, has a main curved section, two side extensions and a ceiling component.

Advantages of Virtual Production

The Covid-19 pandemic forced the world into heavy restrictions. The film and broadcast industry had to find a way to still get content produced, while having less people on set, on top of having to navigate travel restrictions and local quarantine mandates. Enter Virtual Production. It is, what would seem like the perfect solution. All of the benefits of the real locations and none of the drawbacks. It is however more than just a way to travel virtually as it allows for a plethora of advantages to all members on set.

Money & Time

You can save your team the hassle of a tedious post-production phase as most of the heavy VFX work is done beforehand, leading to more efficient and effective flow of events on shoot days. Overall cost savings is another area where virtual production can help projects with a smaller budget. Travel and accommodations for location scouting and shoot days can be cut by doing it all in one day at our studio. There are no weather elements to deal with. No extraneous audio issues. Just the ability to enjoy an endless golden hour all from the comfort of our climate controlled space.

Immersive Experience

Typically, you have to wait until the premiere to see all final VFX work. With virtual production, the actors can react in a more authentic way while seeing their environment change around them. The generous amounts of light that the LED stages cast upon the set and actors also adds to the immersion, in-camera and on set.

Minimal Set Travel Time

Turn a week-long shoot at five different locations into a 1-2 day production that can be done from one location. Having the ability to not only make live adjustments, but to also switch to a completely different setting in mere minutes, has simply never been available until now.

3D Asset Heaven

We utilize pre-made assets or create custom environments for any production. These virtual assets/props also help save on costs like labor, storage and transport as they are all electronically saved.

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