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Virtual Production

Our Virtual Production Services

Save the airfare, we’re bringing Hollywood to you. With our virtual production services, even your wildest cinematic ideas can become a reality. Our team brings you the power of real-time rendering, driven by Unreal Engine. We use them to create 3D environments or utilize image/video plates to be displayed on our specially configured L.E.D. stage, recreating any environment, real or unreal. These, paired with infrared tracking technology, foreground props, and set dressing, are all key parts of the Virtual Production experience.

XR Studio

Experience the future of content creation with our Extended Reality (XR) studio. Blending interactive stagecraft and props with CGI elements, BMP Studio offers the most immersive experience around. Whether it’s a virtual showroom for product exploration or a fully immersive virtual reality experience, our XR studio offers limitless possibilities for visionary videos that leave a lasting impression.

Our XR Studio offers:
  • Real-time Visual Effects
  • Interactive Environment Creation
  • Augmented and Virtual Reality Experiences

Virtual Studio

Unbound by physical constraints or geographical limitations, our Virtual Studio empowers you to design comprehensive virtual sets, visualize new product concepts, and simulate interactive customer experiences. Our platform supports remote collaboration, enabling seamless teamwork among creatives, designers, and stakeholders from various locations. Our Virtual Studio is your gateway to creating immersive digital experiences that will leave your audience in awe.

Our Virtual Studio provides:
  • Comprehensive Virtual Set Creation
  • Real-time Animation and Rendering
  • Remote Collaboration Capabilities

Unreal Engine 5

When director Jon Favreau and VFX pioneers Industrial Light Magic needed to create the otherworldly sets of Disney’s The Mandalorian, they relied on Unreal Engine to do the job. Unreal Engine 5 enables real-time 3D creation of photorealistic visuals, dynamic animations, and engaging interactive experiences. Real-time feedback allows you to create and modify instantly, resulting in more efficient workflows and deeply engaging content that resonates with your audience.

Our Unreal Engine services include:
  • Real-time 3D Content Creation
  • Interactive Design
  • Advanced Animation and Visual Effects

LED Volume

LED walls have been taking film and television by storm. They’ve already replaced green screens on TV shows like The Mandalorian and major motion pictures, namely 2022’s The Batman and the MCU’s Quantomania. Our high-resolution display ensures every detail is crisp and vivid. Film in front of gothic skylines or otherworldly bazaars, no location is too distant or fantastical. Enjoy flexibility, high dynamic range, and real-time adjustments, perfect for creating high-impact marketing content.

Our LED Wall features:
  • High-Resolution Display
  • Real-time Content Modification
  • In-Camera Visual Effects

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